About Us


To ensure blind and partially sighted persons are empowered and equipped with skills to compete fairly in the constantly competitive world.


We plan to use all available online and offline platforms to spearhead our programs for maximum reach to all stakeholders, well-wishers and interested parties.


A society where persons with visual impairment, enjoy equal access to opportunities in development, and impact in society without being disadvantaged.

New Age. New Life. Better Opportunities.

We’re a non-governmental institution established in accordance with the statutory requirements of the Kenyan Constitution. Our focal interest is to change the lives of persons with visual impairment granting them equal opportunities in the increasingly competitive world.

The majority of the Association’s Founders are visually impaired persons who have personally identified with challenges and issues that have not been explored by other similar organizations.

Give to a Cause

By going the extra mile in the shoes of the visually impaired, NAVI believes it is best placed in:

  • Sourcing and availing assistive technology for visually impaired persons in Kenya
  • Advocating for government tax exemptions for tools, hardware and equipment for visually impaired persons.
  • Promote creation of local apps, radio and resources with local content for visually impaired persons
  • NAVI seeks to provide training and skills development for visually impaired persons to understand, use and enjoy the available assitive technology.

NAVI seeks to establish itself as an entrepreneurial non-profit organisation.  In so doing, NAVI will:

  • Push for inclusion and access of visually impaired persons into the labour workforce and in specific effort being targeted at industrial players, the corporate world and the government
  • Advocate for safe and conducive working environment for visually impaired persons in their work places and provision of good infrastructure of assistive technologies
  • Advocate for acceptable remuneration and exemptions for employees with visual impairment.
  • Encourage Visually Impaired Persons to enter into entrepreneurship by working with other partners

NAVI is planning to launch an assertive awareness campaign to create awareness on the challenges and biases that visually impaired persons undergo in their day to day living, in an environment where most sighted people remain oblivious and in-supportive. Some of the areas of concern and great challenge are:

  • Roads
  • Buildings
  • Transport
  • Education/Reading
  • Marakesh VIP Treaty
  • Technology
  • Public Services
  • Resources

As not all Visually Impaired persons are born that way, healthy communities must consider the provision of adequate and professional environments that allow for a caring rehabilitation program for Visually Impaired persons.  NAVI will seek to partner with other NGOs, the government and other like-minded partners to ensure that

  • Proper rehabilitation programs are initiated within the country
  • A vocation training framework is established under the Ministry of Education and replicated throughout all the 47 counties in the country.
  • Facilities and professionals are on hand to oversee the rehabilitation process in a dignified, caring and professional manner.